• National Standards of Tower Packing & Internals

    The Chinese chemical Industry standards list for tower packing & internals. The tower packing and internals products manufactured and supplied by Sainthing Company are all implemented in accordance with the above standards, if there are no special requirements from clients.


  • Learning "Nutter Ring" High-performance random packing

    The Nutter Ring represents a significant advancement in random packing technology, offering high-performance characteristics that enhance mass transfer efficiency and separation performance.


  • The Installation Guidance of Random Packing

    The installation of random packing is a critical step in achieving efficient mass transfer in various industrial processes. Proper installation ensures optimal performance, reduced pressure drops, and improved overall process efficiency.


  • Introduction to LANTEC Patent Products "Q-PAC, LANPAC-XL, NUPAC & HD Q-PAC"

    Q-PAC, LANPAC-XL, NUPAC, and HD Q-PAC, provide advanced solutions to optimize mass transfer, separation efficiency, and durability in industrial tower systems.


  • Top Five Chinese Companies Producing Injection Molding Machine Molds

    China has emerged as a global leader in injection molding machine mold production, with several companies standing out for their exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to innovation.


  • Recycled PVDF Material

    Recycled PVDF material offers a sustainable solution for various industries, providing an alternative to virgin materials and reducing environmental impact.


  • Degreasing Process of Stainless Steel Products

    The degreasing process plays a vital role in ensuring the cleanliness, integrity, and performance of stainless steel products. Various methods such as solvent cleaning, alkaline cleaning, steam cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning offer effective ways to remove grease and oil from stainless steel surfaces.


  • China Standard for Exhaust Gas Emissions from Natural Gas Tunnel Kilns

    The China standard for exhaust gas emissions from natural gas tunnel kilns represents a crucial step towards reducing air pollution and promoting sustainable development in the ceramic industry.


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